Is Your Online Business Falling Short Of Expectations?

WDDI Direct Limited provides Customer and Business profitability analysis solutions to make businesses more successful and more profitable.


We've been doing this for 30 years... helping large and small "customer database" driven businesses to become more profitable.

At WDDI Direct our goal with any client is simple, to "Maximize Your Profits". If your business is driven by the size of your customer database and the profitability of individual customers, our analysis techniques and experience can help your business to reach new levels of profit performance and business growth.

How do we help you become more profitable? In most cases it starts with Analysis……. Business Profitability Analysis, so we can understand and quantify what is driving your current activity and profit levels. It’s a logical process that identifies things you should do more or less of and also identifies specific areas of opportunity. The result is specific and provides quantifiable solutions for your business…… solutions that will make your business more profitable.

Business and Customer profitability analysis gives a company a clear view of how much revenue each customer generates (what they buy and how they buy), how much it costs the company to generate that revenue, and, most importantly, when and why these costs are incurred.


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