Is Your Online Business Falling Short Of Expectations?

WDDI Direct Limited provides Customer and Business profitability analysis solutions to make businesses more successful and more profitable.


We've been doing this for 30 years... helping large and small "customer database" driven businesses to become more profitable.

At WDDI Direct our goal with any client is simple, to "Maximize Your Profits". If your business is driven by the size of your customer database and the profitability of individual customers, our analysis techniques and experience can help your business to reach new levels of profit performance and business growth.

How do we help you become more profitable? In most cases it starts with Analysis……. Business Profitability Analysis, so we can understand and quantify what is driving your current activity and profit levels. It’s a logical process that identifies things you should do more or less of and also identifies specific areas of opportunity. The result is specific and provides quantifiable solutions for your business…… solutions that will make your business more profitable.

Business and Customer profitability analysis gives a company a clear view of how much revenue each customer generates (what they buy and how they buy), how much it costs the company to generate that revenue, and, most importantly, when and why these costs are incurred.

Business Focussed

Experience and History

Clients / Customers

FSX Corp
4 Media Online
Jettis Technologies LLC
AQP Resources Inc.
Bebe International Inc.
Indata Inc.
Oshun 5 Communications
TotalTelcom Media
PRN-Quintel Media
Canadian Magazine Group
Catalog Services International
Livingston Corp.
Hamilton Cornell
COMDA Services
Book of the Month Club
All State Insurance
Smart Marketing Inc.
Bantam Books
GRI Marketing

Senior Management Positions

Over 30 years of experience
Services in United States and Canada

Harlequin Enterprises
– VP-Marketing Services & Analysis
– Director Marketing Analysis
– Manager – Business Analysis

Honeywell Information Systems
– Divisional Controller
– Manager – Business Analysis

Northern Telecom
– Manager – Results Analysis
– Business Analysis Specialist

Royal Bank of Canada
– Senior Account Positions

College Lecturer

– Lecturer – Sheridan College: Finance, Computer Systems
– Lecturer – Seneca College: Business Development, Finance

Our objectives with each client

Provide Expertise in Business Performance Analysis

  • Identify Specific Profit Improvement Opportunities
  • Quantify the Impact of those Profit Improvement Opportunities
  • Outline specific steps to implement those opportunities
  • Lead in the Execution of these Implementation Steps  

Enhance current Decision-Making Processes

  • Assessment of current “promotion spending decision” processes.
  • Assessment of current performance analysis and tracking processes
  • Identify specific strategies and tactics to improve profitability and performance


Implementation of Enhanced Customer Acquisition and Retention Programs

  • Identify the key components of customer performance and retention.
  • Identify the role of database marketing in improving performance.
  • Entrench management reporting processes to ensure timely recognition of performance trends.
  • Identify specific strategies and tactics to improve performance.

Develop and Entrench Business Analysis Capabilities within Organizations

  • Identify organizational needs and opportunities.
  • Define the role of database marketing within overall corporate marketing strategy.
  • Develop database marketing strategies and implementation plans.
  • Design and analyze promotion channel tests and performance criteria.
  • Design and implement management reporting requirements

Business Planning & Analysis and Marketing Analysis

  • Design and implementation of long-range financial planning models.
  • Design and implementation of strategic and business planning models.
  • Development of “Life-time-value” measurement and tracking capabilities.
  • Design and implementation of promotion channel and promotion reporting & analysis processes.

Strategic Planning & Comprehensive Business Assessments

  • Identification of significant profit opportunities and strategies.
  • Development of planning models and decision models.
  • Assessment of current promotion channel activities.
  • Identification of specific strategies and tactics to improve promotion channel performance.
  • Identification of new directions that provide opportunities for improved performance.
  • Assessment of current “promotion spending decision” processes.
  • Assessment of current performance analysis and tracking processes

Database Marketing System Design and Development

  • Analyze and assess current use of customer data and information.
  • Customer databases that effectively gather & use customer activity information.
  • Recommend and develop marketing strategies that maximize the potential of customer data.

Targeted Marketing Systems and Selection Models

  • Identification of key characteristics in determining success.
  • Establish the best criteria to be used in measuring and predicting performance.
  • Development of performance-based Name selection models.
  • Development of customized targeting and predictive models.

Acquisition and New Business Assessment

  • Assess current and potential profitability of the venture.
  • Analyze current marketing strategies.
  • Evaluate information gathering and performance reporting processes.
  • Assess management capabilities and/or requirements.
  • Evaluate potential of products and/or services.


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